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Q: I must say, this was a great film, funny and interesteing, but how did you get the ide to make this documentary?

A:I met Jack first and when you meet hm you think, "even Woody Allen couldn't have dreamt this guy up, he's too good to be true!" He was a real character, a real New York eccentric, and I started following him around with a camera. He's funny, strange, dangerously intelligent and knows everything there is to know about cinema. He introduced me to the subculture of cinephiles in NYC and helped me find all the other characters. Then I met my soon-to-be co-director Angela - she was following him around with a camera too! It was a total accident but we eventually collaborated.

Q: The filmbuffs you portraied seem so, at times, comlpetely aware of how and what they are, where did you find these amazing characters?

A: At the movies. They are only ever at the movies. Like I said, Jack helped "curate" the film in a way, but if you hang out on this circuit you will bump into them all.

Q: I first came across Cinemania on a Swedish TV chanel and it hit a nerv instantly, I just knew I had to have this film. What was your vision for this project?

A: We wanted it to be touching and funny, we wanted it to portray not just the insanity of their lives but the dignity and brilliance each one of them possesses - they're unique people, very important to the cinematic ecosystem of New York City, and a dying breed. We wanted it to inspire movie-going, and it is a portrait of the city we love. And we wanted to examine the concept of "normal" - these people are seen as outsiders because the don't live "in the real world" - but what does that mean? Movies ARE real life, the experience of seeing a movie is a part of life.

Q: There are nothing more fasinating than dedicated people with strong opinions. How did the five buffs react to watching them self on the screen?

A: We think they really liked it. Roberta went to see it at Cinema Village eight times. Harvey insists we cut out all his best lines but we have no idea what he's talking about.

Q: What made Jack, Bill, Eric, Harvey, and Roberta qualified as your main characters? And How did you convince them to be a part of this film?

A: Extreme characters are interesting to me - they were the most extreme examples of film-buffs we found, and they were willing to have their stories told - because they are difficult and strange a lot of people shun them in NYC, so we wanted to make them "stars" for a day, if you will, to celebrate them and their lifestyles. No one had ever really paid any attention to them, so they were pretty easy to convince - and people like Jack and Bill are exhibitionists, they're real show-offs, which you wouldn't expect with people who sit in dark cinemas all day!

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