Fra teamet som brakte 'Pirates of the Caribbean' til lerretet. Walt Disney Pictures og Jerry Bruckheimer Films presenterer PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME, et episk action eventyr i Persias mystiske landskap. En prins (Jake Gyllenhaal) går motvillig sammen med en mystisk prinsesse (Gemma Arterton) og sammen kjemper de mot mørke krefter for å beskytte en gammel dolk med kraft til å slippe løs tidens sand - en gave fra gudene som kan reversere tiden og den som har dolken kan regjere verden.

Mysterius relationships
Intervju med Ben Kingsley, Jake Gyllenhaal og Gemma Arterton om relasjonen dem i mellom

Behind the scenes
Skaperen av det klassiska dataspillet Prince of Persia, Jordan Mechner, prater med filmens produsent Jerry Bruckheimer og regissør Mike Newell om hvordan filmen ble skapt.


Gemma Arterton og Jake Gyllenhaal snakker om elsk-hat-forholdet mellom deres karakterer i filmen.

Intervju med Jake Gyllenhaal (på engelsk)

Q: What attracted you to this movie and the part of Prince Dastan?

Jake Gyllenhaal: On a personal front, it was something that was so unlikely to find myself doing. It was unlike anything I’d ever played. But when I talked to director Mike Newell about it, it wasn’t just a video game adaptation. It was a massive epic that he had in the works. They had a real classic story, that was emotional and real, and it was filled with massive turns and twists. Every day during filming you must keep in your mind where you are, how you got there and who fooled who. It is like a Usual Suspects and that makes it intriguing to me. Also, if these movies are going to get done, they should be done by the best and Jerry Bruckheimer is the one to make them!

Q: Can you talk us through how you prepared for the physical nature of the role?

Jake Gyllenhaal: I did a lot of training, a lot of running, working out and different types of sports. I am someone who doesn’t love to be inside so I enjoyed being outdoors. I was training like I was going into battle. As from the video game Dastan has to be very agile. It is not just like Gladiator-style fighting although we have all of that. It is also about being able to jump over walls and climb up and run on them. I simulated that as much as I could in training.

Q: How much of the stunt work and Parkour have you been able to do yourself?

Jake Gyllenhaal: I worked in LA for a few weeks with a Parkour guy. Surprisingly, a lot of what they taught me just started to come easily. There is a lot of hanging, and learning how to move your body in the right way. It is all about the landing. But if there is one thing I’ve learned on this movie, it’s if someone asks you to do something, you’ve just got to try it.  If you don’t try, you’ll regret it for the rest of your time. This movie affords you the opportunity to do a lot of crazy things that you wouldn’t normally be able to.

Q: Were there scenes you were desperate to play a part in rather than have a stuntman do it for you?

Jake Gyllenhaal: There is a whole scene in the film with real ostriches. They are all real and live, there is not one CGI ostrich in this movie. They are highly paid. We were told for weeks beforehand how they were massive destructive creatures who could tear your heart out with their claws. So we were shaking. My stuntman was in the ring with one and I was like, ‘I’ve got to get in there. When am I ever going to be in a cage with ostriches?’ So I got in and they were the sweetest things! Every day is like that. You’ve got to just get in there and do it. It’s an experience!

Q: Had you played the Prince of Persia games before and did you feel a sense of responsibility bringing the iconic character of the Prince to life?

Jake Gyllenhaal: I have played a lot of real people in my films and there is equal pressure there. When I was young, I played the game a lot. But what was important for me was to bring some realism into this world that was not fully based on reality. I feel a responsibility because the Prince in the video games has a personality. He has a story but you don’t really know it. As an actor, you get to put the expression on that character and get to make a new path for what the character is, rather than being nervous you will screw up what was there.

Q: What was the most fun part of making a movie like this?

Jake Gyllenhaal: When you are a kid, you play like this and go outside with your friends and play fight. We are doing this every day. The best for me is I’ve never done a lot of sword fighting, hand-on-hand and combat. But we also get humour and performance in the middle of it all. I find that so difficult. I have utter respect for those who can put that type of feeling into the role while battering someone. It is like chewing gum and walking at the same time! It is really tough for actors.

Q: How did you cope with the heat when filming in Morocco?

Jake Gyllenhaal: I actually enjoy the heat. The one promise I made to everyone on this film, as most of them are British and I am from Southern California, was that I would not complain about the heat. The desert is a real place of clarity. It is a wonderful place to be. When you’re equipped with lots of water of course!

Q: How have you found working with director Mike Newell?

Jake Gyllenhaal: It is great working with Mike. There is such an unlikely cast of characters in this movie which is so great. No-one is out to prove anything; everyone is out to discover something. That is the difference between this movie and so many other movies like it. As for Mike, this is the guy who directed Four Weddings and a Funeral and he’s done Harry Potter as well, it’s great. Every day is bigger, faster and funnier – not in a laughable way - but we always find the reality of a situation through him.

Q: Assuming the first is a success, are you looking forward to the prospect of shooting one or two more Prince of Persia sequels?

Jake Gyllenhaal: Yes, after doing this it will be hard to go back to smaller characters. There’s a type of high when you make a movie like this. Every day is infectious, there are days when you get tired, but even on my Sundays off I worked out twice as that was where my head was. I am prepared for whatever comes my way.

Intervju med Gemma Arterton (på engelsk)

Q: How does Tamina differ to your role in the James Bond movie Quantum Of Solace?

Gemma Arterton: Agent Fields in James Bond didn’t really have any action. In this I have a lot of action. But Tamina is a High Priestess, so she is not your typical gun-wielding character. She's very spiritual so it’s an interesting take to have someone’s action set against her religious beliefs.

Q: Tell us about the relationship between your character and Jake’s?

Gemma Arterton: Tamina is the Princess of Alamut, a city that the Persians invade and I’m kind of kidnapped.  She's very spiritual so just dislikes them. Jake’s character and mine have this real love/hate relationship,. I like to compare it to Beatrice and Benedict in Much Ado About Nothing. Obviously they fancy each other but they don’t show it. They join forces and find out more information about the bad things that are happening in Persia and so they learn from each other. The film is a journey for them both. She is his right-hand girl. It’s not just an action/adventure, it’s not just a romance, it’s not just this or that, there is lots of drama and it takes you in different directions all the time.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about filming Prince of Persia?

Gemma Arterton: I love all the action stuff. I think I should have really been a stunt woman. I really enjoy it even if sometimes you think, 'Oh my god, there are people that are trained to do this and to get battered and bruised’. But I've loved doing the fighting. There isn’t a particular style to mine because it’s quite wild. She's never been trained to fight. It’s just me going 'Aaarrrggghhh'. Where I went to drama school, I trained in stage combat quite heavily so I had a bit of experience before. It is gobsmacking seeing the sets and the costumes and the sheer scale of this film. You are put into this completely different world and that is really, really fantastic because you don’t have to imagine much because it is there right in front of you.

Q: Were there any particular skills you needed to learn for this film?

Gemma Arterton: I had to learn how to horse ride as I'd never done it before in my life and it’s kind of become a real new passion for me. Pretty much the whole cast went to Spain and learned to ride for two weeks, which was an incredible opportunity to have.

Q: What role does magic and character powers play in the story?

Gemma Arterton: The main power I suppose is the Dagger of Time, which is what they are fighting over. It has the ability to turn back time. Dastan has this kind of aura of magic about him but nobody actually has magical powers. You'll see when the film comes out that all of the magic comes from the Dagger of Time.

Q: Has it been inspiring or intimidating to work with so many experienced actors such as Daniel Craig in James Bond and Sir Ben Kingsley in Prince of Persia?

Gemma Arterton: It is absolutely inspiring. I tend to go into things head first and not really think about what I am doing, which is sometimes better than going, 'Oh my god, I’m just about to act with Sir Ben Kingsley!' Then you are yourself and that’s what they want ultimately anyway. You're just another actor working with them on a film. It’s brilliant but I don’t think I get too worried about it. I probably should, when I’m being all cheeky and scampy with Sir Ben Kingsley, but no, it’s brilliant and an honour.

Q: How did you cope with the heat when you were shooting Prince of Persia in Morocco?

Gemma Arterton: Well it got progressively hotter as the shoot went on and we got further into the desert. At one point it was 58 degrees Celsius, which is something like 120 Fahrenheit or more. I was alright because my costume was the kind of clothes that were suitable but the boys were all wearing lots of black. It was unbelievably hot but I quite like the heat. We were really grateful to come home though and be in a controlled environment again.

Q: You look so different in this than when you were in the Bond movie. Which is closer to your real look?

Gemma Arterton: Who knows, it’s all a front! Probably this is more me. I'm not as tanned as this usually but I’m dark naturally. For Bond they made me look completely different and I don’t even recognise myself in it. The other day I was looking at a line-up of all the roles I've played and I just don’t recognise myself in any of them, which is great!

Q: Your career has moved very fast in such a short time – how have you found that?

Gemma Arterton: Since the Bond film came out, everything has happened very quickly, I'm really starting to feel it. Usually I can get on with my work and not think about it but it’s actually had an effect on my life now. Hey, why not? If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. It is mad what has happened in a year. In a year I think I’ve done eight films. I don’t know how I’ve done it.

Intervju med produsent Jerry Bruckheimer (på engelsk)

Q: Why did you decide to make Prince of Persia? What attracted you to this story?

Jerry Bruckheimer: It is unusual. It is very interesting that you can have a fantasy, reality and drama. It was a good cross section.

Q: A lot of people do not see Jake Gyllenhaal as the leading man for this film. What did you see in him for the role of the Prince?

Jerry Bruckheimer: For a start he is a wonderful actor and he is very handsome. We have done this with so many actors. Will Smith in Bad Boys, he was seen as a comedic actor. Nicolas Cage in Con Air. He has always played various characters but was never an action hero until that and The Rock. I’m a fan of certain actors and Jake is one of them.

Q: Was there something specific about Gemma Arterton that you went after her to play Tamina as opposed to an established actress?

Jerry Bruckheimer: We tested a lot of young actresses and she was by far the most interesting. It sometimes just happens that way.

Q: The project has been in evolution for a while and the script has continually changed. Why is that and how has the movie evolved over time?

Jerry Bruckheimer: It comes down to the talent you have and who is available. We always have an A-list we want to work with and it is down to finding the most talented writers you can who are available at the time you need them. It was always going in the same trajectory but you start by getting the story to work and then you have to get the characters to work and then make sure the action is working. There are all these different layers to go through.

Q: What elements from the game have you retained for the film?

Jerry Bruckheimer: We’ve kept some of the action and the cool stuff they did with the game. We kept as many of the characters as we could. But it is like a book. You never get those as close to the film. It’s a movie, not literature. You are constantly changing things.

Q: Why are you now getting involved in making video games?

Jerry Bruckheimer: I really believe in the next 10 years you won’t be able to tell the difference between movies and games. Games will be so realistic. They are a form of storytelling and we love to tell stories in movies and on television. We are about to actively seek some executives. Hopefully in the next six months we’ll get started.

Q: The video games have been so successful, was there a pressure at all making this movie and needing to please the fans of the series?

Jerry Bruckheimer: They are important to us and you hope they will show up but you can’t count on them as you never know. Kids who are playing the game might not be by the time the movie comes out. You try and make a film that will entertain with really interesting characters and themes. If you do that, then everybody comes. If you just rely on the gamers then you are missing a whole market out there.

Q: What excites you most about this film?

Jerry Bruckheimer: I love the casting of Jake and Gemma. I love the story. It is fascinating with a lot of different levels. And it has huge scope. The desert is spectacular and really reminds me of Laurence of Arabia. We have a master cinematographer and it’s great to see what he is capable of doing.

Q: What role did the Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner play in this movie?

Jerry Bruckheimer: He has been involved throughout the entire process and is very happy with it. He is a great partner on it.

Q: Why did you choose someone like Mike Newell to direct this film?

Jerry Bruckheimer: It was his body of work. It is rare to find someone who can do DONNIE BRASCO and then come back and do HARRY POTTER. He has shown he can deal with drama and big adventure and handle things that are humorous. He has a really wonderful palette. This film has to have all those different things in it.

Q: There are a lot of reminders in this movie of Pirates of the Caribbean, with the costumes, action and comedy. Are there similarities?

Jerry Bruckheimer: We should only be as lucky for it to do as well. It’s a different type of movie though but hopefully the same type of entertainment. There is a lot more adventure to it and a different feel. Hopefully the tone will be similar, in that we have an action movie with romance.

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